1. What does it cost to rent a tuxedo?

Prices start as low as $99.00 with promotion. Price includes, jacket, pants, vest or cummerbund, shirt, bowtie or neck tie, suspenders, cufflinks, studs, pocket square alterations and dry cleaning.

2. When can I pick up my tuxedo?

On your assigned pick up date, after 6:00 p.m., which is usually three days prior to your function.

3. Do you just rent?

We rent, as well as sell new and used men's and boy's tuxedos and accessories. We also have a variety of men’s apparel available for purchase, including CALVIN KLEIN.

4. Why have a Black-Tie Wedding?

Your ceremony and reception will definitely be more exciting and you'll treasure the photos of you, your family, and friends. Remembering what a truly beautiful and special day everyone experienced – for years to come.

5. What happens if the tuxedo doesn't fit?

We do offer a three-day prior fitting, at which time minor alterations will be done on the spot and any replacement is guaranteed for the following afternoon. We strongly suggest that everyone renting is present at this scheduled fitting to ensure a proper fit with ample time.

6. What do I do about out of town ushers?

We will supply you with out of town measurement cards. Once we receive complete measurements taken by a professional, we will then reserve the tuxedo accordingly. Other locations are available throughout Canada. Please call 1-800-463-8715 ext. 304 or email formalwear@tuxedoroyale.com

7. Do you rent suits?

We specialize in formalwear; however, we do carry three suit lines in black, tan and grey.

8. Do you sell used tuxedos?

Yes, we sell used tuxedos. Price will vary according to size, style, availability and condition. We also sell new tuxedos starting at just $249.00. Click here for more information.

9. Do you accept cheques?

We accept Cash, Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Direct Payment. We do not accept cheques.

10. Can I buy the tuxedo I am renting?

It is possible to purchase the tuxedo you are renting. Should you decide to purchase prior to the rental, your deposit will be applied to the purchase price. Should you decide to purchase after, a portion of your rental charge will be applied to the purchase price, according to style, size and availability.

11. Do you carry boys’ tuxedos and how much do they cost to rent?

Yes, in all our styles at 10% less, starting as low as $91.00.

12. What happens if I gain/lose weight?

If you gain/lose more than 10 lbs. we suggest you be re-measured 3 weeks prior to your final fitting.

13. Why is there a $9.00 waiver and do we have to pay it?

The waiver covers any unintentional damages and/or stains that occur while in your possession. If you do not pay the waiver, you will be responsible for any damage.

14. Should I wear a tuxedo for my second wedding?

Yes, it's just as important to look your best for your special day as it was for the first.